House and Pallet series was first developed during my BA, responding to urban regeneration and industry. It was then presented as part of Invisible Cities. This work is an ongoing investigation.

 Steel, concrete.



Invisible Cities,  23 Apr - 16 May 15

Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University, UK

 23 Apr - 16 May 15


How do we define a city? This is just one of the questions explored in Invisible Cities, which has been organised by students from the MA in Art Curatorship course from the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies at Newcastle University.

To many, cities are much more than just the sum of their physical parts. The urban environment is a thought-provoking place, prompting emotional responses, making us question the use of space and containing many competing characters. 

The project will act as a meeting point for individual and shared preconceptions of the urban environment as a material and psychological entity. Works on display will include artworks, design objects and architectural drawings from Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums collections as well as work from contemporary practitioners.